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A group of friends get together and target the outcast of the group by diverting his attention then take turns urinating and defecating all over his vehicle. Special attention is paid to glass surfaces, door handles, and fresh air intake. Plausible deniability comes into play when the friend returns to find his car dripping with urine and covered in unintelligible messages written in poo. The group unanimously blames the mess on the neighbors service monkey.
Dude, looks like you just got a Polish Car Wash. Who did you piss off and how you gonna clean that turd out from under the door handle?
by Bugsy McDingle November 21, 2012
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similar to playing footsies, one person rubs their sock clad feet vigorously against another person's bare feet creating a warm sensation, usually whorishly
are you giving me a polish car wash under the table dude?
by sleepysleepysleepy July 12, 2017
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