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1. Espousing, supporting, defending, or professing as good any matter of action ideology religion or belief which you know nothing about in order to appear intelligent, informed, humane, noble, or prestigious.

2. The action of righteously stating one’s position on a matter without sufficient research or knowledge to be responsibly making such statements.

3. The habit of irresponsibly making claims on a debatable issue without the work of educating oneself beforehand; the goal is to look good in the eyes of others.

4. Dishonestly speaking as if knowledgeable about an issue with a firm public statement of opinion. It has the effect of disserving the public discourse on an issue by disregarding verifiable facts.

5. Posing as informed on a topic in order to get others to admire you.

polignorant polignorance polignorant correctness
Polignorant correctness scenarios:
Stating at a dinner party, "Global warming is a myth!" without checking the science behind the claims of the scientists. The speaker gives the impression that they have a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Commentator on a news channel saying, "Islam is a peaceful religion" without researching the scriptural basis for the Islamic terrorist actions that just occurred. The commentator gets to appear understanding and humane without any research required.

Professing "All cultures and societies are equal in merit and achievment" as if one had extensively studied and found that to be the case. The speaker looks understanding and vastly educated.
by ibnkafir June 22, 2010
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