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The "Pole Troll Patrol" see Pole Troll is a group of gay men that gather and hunt in groups. This gaggle of gays can be found in your local supermarket, mall or even in your school, huddled together and checking out all the straight guys that they think they can turn to their side. Distinguishing characteristics are neck rolls and an abundance use of the words " I would let him ride me three ways to Sunday!" followed by group cheers.
Jeff: Ah shit!! There goes Sweetie and the Pole Troll Patrol! How am I ever gonna be able to change my clothes in this locker room with them standing around!?
Kenneth: I don't know man, but I know I saw them looking me up and down again.
Jeff: Fuck this shit man I'm outta here!
by Desaundrea Morton-Pusey December 03, 2006
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