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Synonymous with 'knockout game'. An act of violence against unsuspecting whites executed by the sub-human species called niggers. In the real world, what do you do when you're attacked by an animal wanting to harm you? You defend yourself, preferably you kill it. This is how humans have triumphed over primitive forms of life throughout time. These animals continue to breed at the expense of humans.
Racist is a word used by animals to complain anytime they don't get what they want. Polar Bear Hunting is a way of justifying their anger against humans. Some species of animals cannot be civilized, niggers being a prime example.
by Nigger Larry Major in Omaha . December 04, 2013
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A "sport" involving a group of people intent on knocking a random person out with a single blow to the head. The group roams until they find a victim, and a member of the group approaches the victim generally from behind delivering the blow. This type of attack is also thought to be part of a gang initiation.
John was walking home from the bar last night when he passed a group of men on the sidewalk. The next thing he knows, he's on his back staring up at the sky with people looking down at him. According to someone who witnessed the attack, one of the men hit John once with an object or their fist and kept walking. According to the police, this sort of attack has been on the rise at the University of Illinois C-U campus and is known as "Polar Bear Hunting."
by U of I September 29, 2010
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