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Engaging in a sexual act with girl during the evening hours.
by scareyfaces March 03, 2009
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Abbreviation for “Dude Arguing Online”.

Plural: “DAOs”

Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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Teenager 1: Agh god how are we going to drink this week end?!
Teenager 2: Calm down, we'll have a 'poker night'!
Teenager 1: Good idea.
by The Master E June 28, 2007
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When a group of guys ....(in highschool)....sit around at another guys house and masturbate and watch porn and other naughty things sometimes grls go to watch and that's okay.
Hey are you gonna go to poker night at dempsey's on sunday?
yea i can't wait
by kam&doh April 01, 2005
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: when a bunch of teenage kids in south jersey gather on a friday and on special occasions, thursday nights to play "poker", until 9:00pm comes around in which, they collect various objects and proceed to stealth their way around the neighborhood launching these objects through anything from garages to bay windows. The night always ends with the bombardment of the fucktard ass goblin known as the drunk guy's house and or the police.
There were three phases to poker night.
1. The Beginnings: poker night consisted of a small group of individuals, and used snow balls and small pebbles found on the roads.
2.The Golden Age: the group grew a little bit and the use of produce products became commonpractice.
3.The Steel Age: the group started gradually growing out of hand and the use of large rocks and cans became common practice.
4.The Fall of Poker Night: When an ass stomping fuck mook decided that he would buy prep clothes and get new friends who were assholes. This broke up the crew creating numerous factions that led to the use of fireworks by the group named "no Fear". Afterwards, various disputes broke out creating this once loveable crew of bored kids into enemies. On one night, there was a movement to ressurect the condemmed poker night after close calls by police. On that night,the same asshole who turned preppy was invited in hopes of reviving the alliance.That night,he ended up shattering his friends sister's fence with a cinder block blaming his crude actions on "being drunk from the night before". This resulted in the permanent damnation of his role as one of our accomplices. As of that night, the poker night crew went on with their lives. To the public, which the group was once known by as "extremely bad kids" and "crusaders" by others. the core people have now found refuge in much better things such as: 1) getting drunk on the field trip to New York,2) getting smashed at Relay for Life, and 3)going to six flags and hershey park while completely shit faced
1)Hey guys are u ready for "poker night" Tonight???
2)Hey, remember that time i launched a soup can at that bedroom window?
3)Police report number 295 clearly states that just before the accident she said "go faster i like the wind in my hair"....which later ended up getting her scrambled on the highway
by Sunkist boys February 16, 2006
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