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The misconception about the theory of evolution that most creationists and evolution deniers espouse. This misconception comes from false information and ideas about the process of evolution.

Pokemon Evolution entails creatures giving birth to or morphing into entirely new species or iterations of a species over single or very few generations. Anyone who understands and has studied the theory of evolution at a basic level knows, this does not happen as mentioned.

Only certain species are capable of metamorphosis and it is a time and energy consuming process that does not change the original species into a new one. It is simply a maturation of the species (such as a nymph to a full fledged adult insect).
Creationist: I don't see monkeys turning into humans. My grandfather was not a chimp. Evolution is a lie.

Creationist 2: Yea, dogs aren't giving birth to cats and ducks. Checkmate, evolutionists.

Person with common sense: Ahh.. The "Pokemon Evolution" argument. Why don't you two pick up a book about evolution and stop watching cartoons.
by and so it begins! February 22, 2011
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