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The best games ever imo, though it uses the basic story-line for the previous 3 gen games, training, getting the gym badges, beating the elite four, and battling the champion. They were made around 2006 so they are games that NEED to have remakes, it would be amazing. Though you should also play Pokemon Platinum, the Distortion World looks fucking insane. It would look more insane in 3D though.
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl has the best music, best evil team, and the best champion, and shes really hard and really hot.
Dialga (ディアルガ) is the Temporal Pokémon and is the mascot of Pokemon Diamond, while Palkia (パルキア) the Spatial Pokémon is the mascot of Pokemon Pearl.
by EspuressoTheCoffee March 11, 2017
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