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The Pokefam is a group of people that originated on deviantART. It stands for "Pokemon Family".

It's a pretty well known group of people among the Tumblr Pokespe fanbase. They're a casual circle of friends and acquaintances that rampage around the Pokemon RP groups and Pokespe tag with frequent hilarity and skepticism over other posters in said tag.

They aren't as active as they were a year ago but one can remember their comedic routines that occurred every morning on the dashboard.
John: Oh man there's that group again. Making yet another revival by posting a ton of ooc comics of Pokespe characters...

Karen: Oh, you mean the Pokefam?

John: Yeah! Them! They're practically everywhere when they're all on and active!

Karen: Yeah... It's a shame they don't do stuff like this as much as they used to. I actually used to look forward to checking tumblr every morning when they were around.
by Farlong November 15, 2012
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