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An individual that claims they are avid pokemon fans, posting on twitter or facebook "Omg lol, i bought me a pickachu onesie! I am such a pokemon nerd! Haha :)" but in reality only likes the original 150(Gen1), dismissing all other pokemon after that to be stupid,ugly or uninspired.
Therefore, they have not played a pokemon game since gen1.
Chad: Dude! Why are you playing that shitty pokemon black crap?! Original 150 for life son!
Dylan: Shit man i dont know, maybe cause i like pokemon?
Chad: Lol weak bro! You aint a true pokemon fan if you play that new stuff, the pokemon all look like crap and the new legendaries are shit! I played pokemon blue when i was 7 bro, its like my childhood! The new stuff ruined the franchise!
Dylan: Oh okay right, out of curiosity, what was your team when you played blue?
Chad: Lvl 100 charizard and mewtwo son! My pokemon team is a two man army lol!
Dylan: eat a dick and die.
(In this example, we can derive that Chad is a mega pokedouche)
by KyneGG May 28, 2013
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