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A bootleg Pokémon game released for the NES, which has a collection of games on it which feature the Pokémon characters Clefairy, Wigglytuff, Psyduck, Chikorita, Cleffa, Marill, and Pikachu.

The video game is notorious for its inability to spell "Pikachu" at certain instances, the coding which renders all players high score name as "DDR DDR", unusual decisions in the game detail, and the surprisingly high difficulty. The four games are modified versions of other popular games so they'll feature Pokémon characters, the game and a description of them are bellow.

Picaclick, a modified tile-matching game
Picaslots, a modified slot game
Pacman, a modified version of Pacman which interestingly changes the ghost sprites into unknown characters that aren't based off of Pacman nor Pokémon
Picadance, a modified rhythm game
"Pokémon 4in1 on the NES ... a Pokémon game on a console ten years older than the original game, who thought this was a good idea? ... speaking of food Pikachu itself looks like a fucking potato." -Bootleg Pokémon Games, JonTronShow
by Storm M March 16, 2015
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