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A pokéfan is a fan of the game series Pokemon.
Some Pokéfans are called "Genwunners" by fellow members of the fandom because of their love of the first generation games such as Red, Blue (originally known as Pokemon Red and Green in Japan) and Yellow.
Random Guy: I hate genwunner pokéfans.
by Derrrrrrrrrrr November 11, 2015
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A Pokefan is a person who is not of the Pokemon Generation, but believes themselves to be. They believe, wrongly, that to play the Pokemon games, you must beat the elite four as fast as possible. WRONG. A Pokefan also believes that true members of the Pokemon Generation, are stupid and old. Also Wrong. The Pokemon Generation stopped adding new members in early '94. Sorry, but if you were born after this, your aren't a member of the Pokemon Generation. This doesn't mean you are a Pokefan, but don't kid yourself that your a member of the Generation.

If confronted, the Pokefan will most likely resort to calling you old and/or saying you suck a random pokemon from the original 151.

A pokefan can easily be recognized if they happen to say "So I herd you leik Mudkipz" and/or have this written somewhere on their body/clothes/bags.
Kid 1: Yea. I beat the Elite Four the same day that I started playing. I'm pretty good at playing the games.
Kid 2: No. No you aren't. You must be a Pokefan. Do you by any chance also "leik" Mudkipz, or have Pokeaids?
Kid 2: Hes a definite Pokefan
by Inx Yukisho January 31, 2010
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