A term for NPC trainers that camp out in spots where a player character cannot avoid them, such as hiding behind a corner on a one-way path through a gym. This can be especially irritating for an impatient player trying to speedrun the game.
The player reached Mistralton Gym and began to make his way to battle Skyla for a Jet Badge. Trying to run into as few trainers as possible, the player navigated his way through a torrent of obstacles that were the result of yet another mentally insane Gym Leader's fetish gone awry.

Player: "What the hell is with all these cannons? Anyway, I hope this next one takes me straight to my Jet Badge."

The player was then jettisoned over to a landing area marked with parallel red lines, where a trainer was waiting for him.

Player: "Son of a bitch, fucking pokécamper!"

Worker Brady: "I'm making preparations to fly ever higher!"

Player: "I think your high enough."
by jerkalert April 14, 2011
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