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Pokènomotry is the study of Pokèmon, and has been used since 1990 to help the great Japan game creators discover the rich history, Evolutions, Pokèmon names for the Pokèmon. The well known Pokènomotrist of Pallet Town Professor Oak, who was known for his great passion towards the great Pokèmon Trainer Ash, who he sent on a mission to catch all the Pokèmon that were known of at the time, however recent Pokènomotrist's have discovered there are more then 151 Pokèmon, however gamers weren't happy with this. After the discovery of the 2nd generation Pokèmon which has led to more discoveries towards the Pokèmon generations, Pokènomotrists have discovered there may be a 5th generations and are working on the history, evolutions, and names to see how they may connect. There are 8 badges you may be ranked by in Pokènomotry in badges, the more badges the more superior you are in Pokènomotry.
Hey Red, I just got my 6th badge in Pokènomotry!, Hey Ash, I've already got my 2nd badge in Pokènonomitry, good luck catching up!, I'm Brock! I hold the 1st badge of Pokènomotry, go ONYX!.
by Linexe February 16, 2010
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