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Poison Simac is cut from the same cloth as Bat Shit Bachman and Slaughter house Sarah Palin.
One of the cookie cutter Republicans being financed by the GOP and sold to unsuspecting sheeple of Wisconsin.

Poison Simac's entire campaign is based upon Jim Holperin's heroic action to stall Scooter Wanker's attempts to destroy the middle class in Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan.
Poison Simac is still another example of ignorant voters cutting their own throats!
Poison Simac stands as a broken family values candidate, what a Hypocrite.Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program (CCAP) (Simac, known as Kim Maillette, filed for divorce from her first husband on the exact same day that her current husband, Arthur Simac, filed for divorce from his now ex-wife.
by Hatchetman1 July 10, 2011
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