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Located in San Diego, California. Point Loma High School (also known as Joint Loma) is a public high school for kids who live in the Point Loma/Ocean Beach area. This school has all the stereotypes from cheerleaders & jocks to stoners, surfers, skaters, thespians, cholos/cholas, emos, artsy kids, nerds, etc. These cliches are most noticeable at lunch time when each clique stands/sits in their designated areas in the quad. PLHS kids party pretty hard. By senior year, you will find everyone off campus at Tios local mexican shop or getting baked in their car. Everyone shows up to Mr. Rhodeys class stoned beyond belief and everyone tries getting away with creating bongs in ceramics class.
Point Loma High School... Pointer Pride!
by americanbooT June 10, 2011
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A high school in San Diego, California for kids in Point Loma and Ocean Beach. This place is a prison. We've got the worst stereotypes in the world, and the worst kind of people you can imagine are students here. The teachers range from chill as hell to alcoholic shits that show up to class hung over. The best of few redeeming qualities is that it's easy to find a group to blend in with, because at least one small group will share a common interest with you. That doesn't change the fact that if you don't touch drugs, are nerdy in the wrong ways, or have any remotely attractive female body parts, you will have a horrible time here.
"Dude, I'm going to Point Loma High School now!"
"Better hide your tits then, all the guys think they can get some just because you're female."

"Can you believe the fucking history teacher showed up hung over again?"
"I know right!"
by Vash226 September 12, 2012
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