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A phrase/exclamation meaning to have someone draw focus to a certain person/group which strikes interest in the individual who said 'Point Him Out', typically used to strike fear or display confidence.

In laymens terms, when one says 'Point Him Out', it usually means that they are ready to confront someone or multiple people who are inferior in power, wealth, status, or overall ability to react accordingly. It can also be used to highlight someone or multiple people in an accusatory fashion, usually negative in nature.
Person 1: Who the fuck drank all my orange juice? This was the last fuckin' carton. Come on- 'Point Him Out'. I told you all not to lay a finger on my shit! God damnit.

Person A: Who the fuck is next? 'Point Him Out' 'Point Him Out'! That's right, I thought not, fuckin' pussies.

Swift McVay of D12:

"...Whoever thought that I was a hoe,

I let 'em know right now, it's Dirty Dozen forever, take a bow-
'Point Him Out', we will rush his clique
Toughest nigga in the crowd would turn around and be like fuck this shit..."
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by TRWoof June 13, 2018
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