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A pogigger (PA-JIG-ER) is a Polish, Ginger, Wigger.

This person is a Polack , a ginger meaning this person has pale skin and red hair, and possibly freckles. And on top of this already monstrosity of a combination, wigger is added to it. A white person who mimic's stereotypical black behavior.

Pogiggers by nature have no originality, and copy already coined terms like "factual" "dogshit" "It's that easy" and any other term he can get his hands on.

Pogiggers are hated by their mom's and abandoned by their parents. Since Pogiggers are so intent on wanting to be black. They move to the projects and are the only white person for miles in the area.
Person 1: "Hey Man! what do you think of this new game"

Person 2: "That game is dogshit son!!, factual! It's That Easy!!!! *bozo laugh*"

Person 1: "You're such a Pogigger"
by DaLooseGoose September 08, 2011
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