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I am writing for the greater good of humanity and the written word. It is Poetic, Rhythmic, Real, Thoughtful, and maybe just plain ol' interesting. How is this not already written. Call it urban, call it random, Everybody walks with some poetism in their shoes.
Poetism is Like : ""I will not Apologize" The Roots. Cause for me, my cat is Wackie... plurally Waka Flaka Flame. But"When the World Ends" Dave Matthews Band. I wanna know "What'z Ya Phone No." 2Pac." I am just a person who found writing and how fun it can be to connect with people physically, but why not put it out on the internet to connect mentally. Call it cray, call it what you may. I wrote this just to make an example of what you might be able to say. This is just "Beta Wax" Daft Punk. followed by a "Sound Check" by them Gorillaz." Gotta Put the word Poetism in the example so I might as well make a sample. I am a poet, and I don't know it, but my feet show it." eLBe
by eL Be September 01, 2012
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