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Whereas someone might make comment about a person stating that they are ‘bootylicious’; meaning that they are attractive or have a nice ‘booty’, being ‘podgerlicious’ is quite the opposite and takes years of dedication to achieve…

Your typical ‘podgerlicious’ hottie is someone that lacks teeth or the ability to form a complete sentence, that wears their underwear on the outside and carries an empty ‘VB’ can on their travels.

Those that are ‘podgerlicious’ may answer to the names; ‘Jenny’, ‘Stephen’, ‘Smokey’, ‘Mrs Smokey’ and can be found in large quantities roaming the streets of Sunnyshine.
“Hey that chick is mighty podgerlicious, look at her stumbling along out the front of Foodworks without a care in the world… now look at her sleeping in the gutter out the front of Foodworks… Hot dang!!!”
by Mick my mate September 20, 2007
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