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A small lion that fits in one's pocket and is used to attack unsuspecting victoms. Pocketlions can be deflected, but if it's done too's too late.
"I have a lion in my pocket."
"Oh no, not a pocketlion!"
by CheebsF69 July 16, 2008
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A mini lion that is in your pocket. These creatures are thrown at unsuspecting victims and you scream "POCKETLION!" whilst throwing it. They are able to be deflected by the few selected creators of the pocketlion.
Sam: Hey Kalvin, what's up?
Sam: Deflected.
Kalvin: Damn.
by Maximillian Schmitt March 27, 2008
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a term for a yuppie or snobbish type as a joke of the lower class that has been based on the lion crest often found on polo shirts and near driveways
my friend john just gave his son a porsche for graduation. they are so pocket lion.
by irk March 04, 2008
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