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To profit from something, or trun goods into quick cash
To sell an item for profit, usally small and stolen.
(Car Stereos & other Electronics, CDs & DVDs, Jewelry, Etc.) Often done by a Bum, Crackhead, or Hood Nigga
Or, to profit off of a job or task.

Aslo, to Pocket (Your, His/Her, Their) Worth, to kill someone for profit.
"I had to save up to buy the watch that guy stole, but he don't give a fuck, he's just gonna pocket the worth!"

"I don't need this shit anymore, so I'm gonna take it to the pawn shop and pocket the worth."

"I worked my ass of this week, but I'm gonna pocket the worth, it's cool."

"I heard there's a $20,000 hit on his head, let's take him out, and pocket his worth!"
by JGSR September 19, 2007
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