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A very small, short Mexican Man. He appears to be 14 years old, but is actually 21 or older. He also speaks and understands very little english.

Interesting Facts about The Pocket Mexican:
1. Enjoys the company of drunk plus size and extremely tall women, which makes him look even smaller than he is in reality.
2. Follows these women around night clubs hoping that they will eventually get so drunk that they will need a ride home. The Pocket Mexican can then pounce on the drunken women, providing him with the sexual pleasure he has been denied by women his own size.
3. Mating rituals resemble a small Chihuahua humping a NFL player's leg.
1. Hey, that Pocket Mexican bought me 3 shots of Tequila, I think he's trying to fuck me.
2. Have you seen that Pocket Mexican following Megan around?
3. Pedro is my Pocket Mexican, he doesn't mind that I'm 6'4" and he is 5'3".
by Meredith (Miss M) August 10, 2006
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