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A state park in Soddy-Daisy, TN. A now well known place where tree huggers go to hike and rock climb, and red necks go to swing on a rope swing into what is known as the blue hole. Red necks, who are commonly drunk as hell, swing on the rope swing and land on rocks instead of water then call 911. The hellish terrain requires a massive emergency response and rescues that take hours. Many tree huggers (who are commonly high as shit) head out into the vast expanse that is the pocket wilderness and get fucking lost. These weed heads get fucking lost and call 911. They never have food or water, but they always have their cell phone. Yet again, massive emergency response. This place is hell, it should be closed.
Hey, want to go to the pocket wilderness, get drunk and high and almost die?
by Melvin dude December 21, 2016
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