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They are basically Medics who heals people with.
-Good hats.
-High skill.
-Or its their Steam friend.

Some Pocket medic are new player who just installed the game they have no idea on whats going on.

Some Pocket medics are Steam friends that the Patient/Heal Target is friends with.

Some Pocket medics are just strangers who like to heal people with either High skill Or Good hats.

Most Pocket medics are Found in Casual Servers. Some can even be found in Competitive Servers. But there aren't much in Comunity Servers.

But the worst of all a person can get an army of Pocket Medic to heal His over healed ass
This fucking Soldier cant Live without his fucking Pocket medic.

"Medic please" Said the Burning Teamate as they are slowly burning to death. But the medic just stared and watch as his teammate burn.
The Burning Teammate said "Stop Pocketing that Heavy". Then the Medic stoped healing and looked at his Teammate who is Melting and said "Fuck you Scout you stole my Medikit when i was burning and then you laughed at me as i was slowly Bleeding and burning to my death"
as the Burning Teammate was slowly burning to Death
The Pocket medic and his heavy watch the Burning Teammate having a slow and pain full death
Then when he died the Pocket Medic Laughed at the burning corpse of Their teammate.
by A fucking duck May 18, 2017
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