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This word means Popo, Caca, Pipi, Chorro, Fart...its all those words put in to one word so its easier to say this instead of each word individualy

This word is commonly used by the biggest ballas of all ballas to ever be ballas in ballas history..for example...Kelly Frye, Panchezzy Money, ViD, BenJammin, elmo, partrick star, madonna, tupac (last seen in the house of ballas in 2010), eddie murphy, pocapirofa, wesley snipes, wesley sneijder, Chico, Danny Boy, Princess, michael jordan, Renes Dad, Master Chief, Solid Snake, janet jackson, rick asley, mistikal , ja rule, big bird, peter griffin, Pancho, Money.
Man you smell like pocapirofa
go eat some pocapirofa
have you smelled the new gucci perfume...yeah it smells like pocapirofa
did you just eat a pocapirofa burger? with a pocapirofa shake and after ate a pocapirofa flavored gum?
I have to go take a pocapirofa
by D.A.V.I.D aka David aka ViD, October 30, 2010
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