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Plymouth, located in southern litchfield county, is considered to be where the elite of Plymouth Connecticut's three neighborhoods, Terryville, Plymouth , and Pequabuck live. So-called townies are rare in this part of Plymouth for they tend to congregate around patco, in the lower-class neighborhood of Terryville, renowned for its excessive amount of pot dealers. Plymouth, however, is it's polar opposite, it consists of classy, colonial homes, upper-middle class families, and beautiful farmlands, in contrast to downtown Terryville, which consists of many gas-stations, a few questionable resturuants, and the new Mcdonald's, which is sadly, the nicest thing in that part of town.
Ex 1: Kid moving: I'm moving to Terryville connecticut.
Kid's Friend: Damn, that sucks.

Ex 2: Kid moving: I'm moving to plymouth connecticut!!
Kid's friend: DUDE YOU SO LUCKY.
by Tom Smithers October 19, 2011
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