A chatbot designed by Pluspy for the enjoyment of the community on iFunny. It has been added to hundreds of group chats and direct messages.

The basic help menu can be accessed by typing ".help" into a message and sending it in a chat with PluspyBot in it.

Some more fun commands include say and 8ball, along with several others.
bl4ckstalli0n: How do you use PluspyBot?
swebge: .say Type ".help" for help or ".8ball" to ask a question
PluspyBot: Type ".help" for help or ".8ball" to ask a question
bl4ckstalli0n: Cool
bl4ckstalli0n: .8ball Am I cool?
PluspyBot: All signs point to doubtful.
bl4ckstalli0n: Fuck you
swebge: Ha
by swebge August 31, 2018
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