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A game played with pool balls on a pool table. One player stands on each side of the table (played with 4 players in all). Each player receives 4 balls. The object of the game is to whip the balls around the table trying to crush your opponents fingers. If your fingers are hit, you have the option of staying in the game or quitting. The last person left is the winner. Once a ball falls into a pocket, it cannot be retreived. If all the balls are gone, then all the pockets are emptied onto the table and the game continues. Fast pace + lots of riccochet = fun game of Pleasure Time.
Hey man wanna shoot some pool?
Nah, I'd rather play Pleasure Time!
Didn't Johnny break his finger playing that game?
Yeah, but that's because he's a n00b.
by zeg_pertovich January 31, 2011
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