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The greatest white rapper of our time. Notable for many songs such as Yellow Cello, Rap God, Better Yoko Ono, and Rap Sad, he has lived inside many people.Pleasure Cube, now called P Cube, is not human, he is a GOD. he has first been known to live inside Mozart but now lives inside Blake West. In his Blake West form he became the most popular kid in the school, and got tens of kids to sign his hat and become rapper themselves. among these are Slim Slimy, MC Mikey, F Cube, U Cube, C Cube, and K Cube. He died several times but came back, then finally retired for the last time with his swan song,Rap Sad. His website was taken down, but the link is
Pleasure Cube is the greatest rapper of our time
by TheHylian12 February 13, 2017
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A 24 pack of beer. Generally to be consumed in one sitting. Also referred to as raw potential
Dude 1: " dude, I got us a pleasure cube"
Dude 2: " word! That's raw potential baby, just like a potato"
by Dtjb May 20, 2013
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