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It means "pleasedon'tbeafeminist" except it is far deeper ;-) It is a chat board saving word... it can save lives... it can (hopefully) even be added to also... I just made it up so... most of all it is an exception to rule 34 yeah... until I post it then weirdos will... NEVERMIND!

1.) It is a word used when you are not misogynistic.
2.) it's a really long word
3.) I made it up while chatting with my friend on brainly, I choose not to expose him or "YΓΈu"
You: I think that some girls are attractive when they're happy. :-)
Feminist: You misogynistic trash!
You: What it's true in fact--
Feminist: This is why--
You (using your new-found awesome word): "Pleasedon'tcallmesexistforsayingsomestupidstuff"
Feminist: uh, noni--
by Infernape_Rox_77 December 06, 2017
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