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The undeniable request for a beer (preferably Keystone).

Pleaseagain is not just a phrase. It is a lifestyle.

The lifestyle includes:
Being a man.
Relentlessly talking shit to all humans.
Making instructional videos.
Dominating beers of all shapes and sizes.
Dominating all bar activities.
Yelling at white trash from the car window.
Splashing white trash with puddles on rainy days.
Handing out dirtnaps to habitual line crossers.
Being hunter gatherers on walks home.
Dominating dance contests.
Dominating the front porch.
Dominating drinking games.
Donating money to Bill Grays at least once a week.
Eating free subs.
Blowing the whistle.
Continual use of "thats what she said" as well as "no homo" and "super homo".
Saying gay shit.
Never having fun if the homie's can't have none.
Other intangibles that most humans do not possess.

Dave: I love Keystone.
Mike: I love it so much I can't see out of my right eye.
Mike: I'll be right back.
Dave: Pleaseagain!
Mike: Eat dirt.
(Mike comes back in the room with beer to quench Dave's desire for more beer)
by Keith Stone Light August 02, 2011
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