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A condition that is acquired at Burning Man. Much dust is inhaled into the lungs, and then settles in and sets up camp and does not leave. The patient typically does not experience the most highly unpleasant symptoms during the actual Burning Man event, due to partying distracting from the condition. Playa Lung can cause coughing and congestion for months after Burning Man. This condition is worsened if the patient is a smoker. This condition is most successfully diagnosed when the patient's Primary Care Physician is a Burner. In fact, if you think that you might have Playa Lung, you should make sure your doctor is a Burner. If he/she is not, you should find a new doctor. A Burner Doctor.
"Please excuse the horrible mucussy coughing - I participated in Burning Man seven months ago and still have Playa Lung."
by Uno Ojo January 02, 2015
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