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A word that the children of the 60s or the Baby Boomer use to describe there kids of late Generation Y 1990 - 2000. most often these people do not under stand are generation, and are frighten that none of us have had a childhood because of video games. witch is not true we just have had are entire lives filled with electronics and devices that they find difficult to use or understand.
Mom: how do I send a E-mail
Son: ugg it's not that hard how do not know how to use a computer.

The Nissan GT-R is the car of the PlayStation Generation.
by Wseroyer October 12, 2008
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The horrible moment when you realise that you have accidentally done something very slightly wrong which has very bad (usually embarassing) implications for you. This is typically the moment of realisation that you just sent a dirty text message to a close member of family, typically your mother, rather than the intended recipient.
Message: "i'm free this afternoon so come over and fuck me senseless, my parents will be out all day"
Recipient: Mum
Message Sent
- Onosecond occurs here -
by Jimmed September 26, 2006
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The worst video gamers on the planet who ruin the fun for everyone else. Spoiled elitists teenage brats who think any game that doesn’t have realistic graphics and or violent gameplay is garbage. They came about during the PS1 era and reached peak douchebag status during the PS2/3eras but still lives on today.
(2019) Mike: Wow Zelda Windwaker is still a great game after all these years!

Steve: yeah dude this is great!
Mike: remember when Brad used to talk so much shit about it?
Steve: yeah well he was and still is a PlayStation generation fuckhead.
by MarcMars082 March 17, 2019
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