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A challenge in which a person must eat one can/tube/container of Play-doh in only 2 bites within 5 minutes without the aid of any water or liquid. This usually results in the person trying to complete the challenge gagging multiple times and then throwing up. It is said to be impossible, much like the milk challenge.
Challengers offer a money if it is completed.
"Yo, Come here!"
"Ever hear of the Play-Doh Challenge?"
"No whats that?"
"Eat this Play-Doh in 2 bites in less than 5 minutes and I'll give you $5,"
(2 minutes later)
"Auuugh! aww this is so bad (gag) Auuuugh! (puke) Gross!"
by CofC_Babyface February 12, 2012
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