A hookup with a friend with benefits, in the context of the Melanie Martinez song.
Melanie Martinez: I don't give a duck about you anyway, whoever said I gave a shit about you? You never share your toys or communicate, I guess I'm just a play date to you
by disneyfan056 July 7, 2017
A play date or playdate is an arranged appointment ostensibly for children to get together for a few hours to play.

However, the underlying reason is keep the kids busy so that parents can score some action with each other.
While I was at the playground with my son, I scheduled a play date with that hot milf.

So while the kids were downstairs watching Sponge Bob, I was upstairs helping Mommy get some needed stress release!
by ud-spieler September 13, 2010
plans made with friends or someone of the other sex to hang out. You can not ditch on play dates! ever its against the whole way of play dates.
We had a play date today.

Wanna have a play date tomorrow
by andre nickatina April 6, 2006
A play date is basically when you hook up with someone without fucking. Doing things like making out and watching Netflix just for fun and then never talking about it again.
Chad: “Bro did you guys hook up?”
Ryan: “No, it was just a play date.”
by i’m kinda smart. February 19, 2020
A word used by young adults to describe a situation where they hang out and reminisce or indulge in childhood activities from when they were younger.

Usually done to bring back child hood activities
I loved the play date we had yesterday
by Miami james October 25, 2019
the audio on tiktok where 12-29 year olds dance in slow motion like Timothée Chalamet

*plays play date by melanie martinez*
girl 1: omg this is the best part!
girl 2: omg yessss
*dances in slow motion*
by 7o7.cecilia May 15, 2020