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Platonia is a mythical land where no one gets laid. Many women force men to live in Platonia, though most women do not realize this is a form of horribly cruel torture. Platonia is also known as 'The Friend Zone,' 'The Land of No Poon,' and 'Anywhere in the World of Warcraft.'

Many men place themselves in Platonia by way of their interactions with women, or by continuously leveling their level 80 Night Elf Druids.

There is no escape from Platonia. You may be granted a one-time visitor's pass to the Wonderful World of Poon, but this pass is granted without notice and usually only after a considerable amount of alcohol has been consumed.

The few women that live here are flat-chested or have an extreme longing for deep fried anything.
No one gets with Annie, that bitch is the Queen of Platonia.
by Artemis Grey April 19, 2008
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