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The groups of "people" (people used in the loosest possible term) which gather on the ends of railway station platforms and vegitate (veg) all day long. They either have a compact camera, a basic video camera, or just a notebook and pen, are often virgins, and spout nothing but hypocrisy, lies, and outrageous suggestions of movements and workings on the UK railway scene. They are quite often the scum of the earth, and are avoided by most and feared by some. If you get in their way or even stand close to them, they will exercise their god given right to abuse you and issue empty threats of violence and death, because it's their territory, and all trespassers must be shot.
*Trains approaches "Here it is" *platform end veg spouts every number of every wagon/carriage in the consist over the top of everyone elses video*

"I heard that Network Rail are withdrawing the New Measurement Train and are going to start using Class 31s again with Class 67s and DVTs instead"

*Photographer stands behind veg, camera clicking away* "Oi! I was tryin'a video that! Yer want that camera smashin' in yer f*ckin face?"
by TwoSixAlpha August 22, 2014
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