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Someone who either, with or without intent, bosses other people around. Applicable especially when one does a favour for another and the person doing the favour is governed and 'bossed' around by the person asking for the favour. In essence, a person is treated like a slave or bitch by the 'Plantation owner'. Derived from the days of slavery in the Southern parts of the United States.
As a favour to Jimmy, I intially only agreed to help him sell tickets to his first gig at the local bar. After that, he asked me to stick up posters... then he asked me to hand out flyers... then he asked me for a sales update... then he told me who I should be targeting my sales to... then he asked me to ask others to help him sell tickets... then he asked if I could drive him to his gig... then he asked me to help set up the stage... then he asked me which point, I said to Jimmy 'Hey, Plantation Owner! do I fucking look black to you?'
by JJJJJL August 10, 2006
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A white man who is currently 'friends with benefits' with numerous black women.
That Johan McClydesdale is banging Tennisha today, he is such a plantation owner. He was banging Ayiesha yesterday, Meka the day before, and Quintasia the day before that. He is a godly man.
by Squirt Doctor June 29, 2013
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