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The Pla'town also called the Pla' is the section on the east side of plano stretching from Spring Creek pkwy. to the George Bush highway (North to South), and from Shiloh road to Alma drive (East to West).
This is the section where most of the African Americans live, however there is only one true hood in Plano, and that is the only place where blacks were allowed to live in Plano and that neighborhood is called the Douglass Community a.k.a Cross Traxx named after abolitionists Frederick Douglass. It is currently 87% black and about 10% mexican and 3% white...
However the neighborhood has had murders and fequent drug problems, The neighborhood is about five blocks and one of the oldest in plano. Recently the city built projects in the neighborhood to help the lower class and poverty stricken on the eastside, but later kicked everyone out after many drug busts. Notable streests and blocks in this neighborhood is Ave. G a.k.a G-block, and also Ave. H
Current gangs in this neighborhood consist of:
CTDC (Cross Traxx Dungeon Click)
T.A.N (Throwed Ass Niggas)
The rest of the Pla' consist of middle class neighborhoods that are very mixed, stretching from spring creek which is mostly white to the south side of plano which is mostly industrial buildings. But in between are main streets like Parker Road where there are a lot of white ppl but also a vast presence of blacks and hispanics, Just like East Park Boulevard (My neighborhood). Then you have other streets like 14th street which stretches from the end of east Plano to the Douglass Community. 14th street and it's surrounding neighborhoods like Briarwood and Ridgewood are mostly hispanic with a lot of blacks also. This area is where you will find a lot of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. This is the area where section 8 housing is in plano. and is home to the following gangs:
Parker Road Click (PRC) black
East Side Locos (ESL) hispanic
East Side Playas (ESP) hispanic
East Park Click (EPC) black
Lynx Mafia (LM or LMGC) black
Plano or the Pla'town is not the hood by far, but it can get hood sometime.
However it is a pretty safe place to live, because if you don't mess wit anybody or aint tryna be a gangster or hard then you prolly won't get messed wit. But the city is becoming more like a big city everyday because, a lot of people are moving to plano from big cities and the city atmosphere is increasing everyday...
by Young Voss September 27, 2007
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