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A more drawled or lazy tone of voicing the word plox (plz,plx,please) Usually said in a sarcastic or humorously foolish manner.

Meaning the same as the Noob-Speak scribblings "Pl0x". In some futuristic, far~out, and fantastic sense the word can mean please as well as thanks. Most commonly used by lame whining nubs who are trying to get phr33 st00f from some Pr0.
*A Noob*
"Buy my Blue Partyhat for cash in trade Pl0gz...Lol...?..ploggzzz?¿"

*World 2 Partyhat Merchant*
"Get out of here you stufid noob.."

..Everyone knows blue p hat is the most expensive discontinued wearable rare item in runescape and that it's price is seriously crashing hardest out of the other partyhats right now due to the after shock of the Grand Exchange mechanics, the loss of Real World Trading and PK-ing and free Duel Arena Staking.

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by Kngofqns May 03, 2009
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