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Pala wesi

an abbreviation, which means 'gtfo you whore' in english. Commonly used when you disagree with someone and you need to send them into some other dimension.
Boy: Pl ws
Girl: What's pl ws??
Boy: Pala wesi
Girl: *fucking dies*
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by officialcommentsleagueagent October 30, 2019
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Bored kids, with nothing better to do, that hang out late at night in a variety of parking lots. They call themselves the parking lot warriors, or PLW for short. Founded by T-Kap and NateDogg of Oceanside, CA.
Don't fuck with those PLW guys, they'll kick your ass.
by ttK May 14, 2006
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Stands for β€œPlatonic Lesbian Wife.” Used by best females friends that need that sweet BAH, and to adopt Ethiopian babies named Michyealll
β€œYou want tricare? Let’s get married and be PLWs”
by That’s pretty good February 22, 2019
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