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A type of marijuana flavored like pizza. It's some of the dankest herb on the market. Originated on the East Coast.
Dealer: Yo u lookin to toke up?
Kid: Yeah man, What u got?
Dealer: I got some Pizza Kush with me right now, u want any?
Kid: Yeah bruh, lemme get 1/8
by Pizza_Kush_Mayne January 20, 2009
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Is the biological cousin of Chocolatte Kush. When smoking, this bud releases neurotransmitters that give off insane amounts of THC as well a taste of pizza. if you EVER hear of this shit, you have to stock up. this bud is manufactured using the DPP (dual photon process) in which the Aurora Borealis combines with the greenhouse effect to create this insane weed. Highly scientifically, Highly DOPE!!
-Whats for dinner mom?
-You talkin bout that pizza kush!?
by schenkster June 25, 2010
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