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The phenomenon where a player in an online game such as World of Warcraft or Runescape can act bolder, tougher and sometimes with more "swag" than would in real life, in which they would never outwardly act in such a way.

This may involve (pre)teenagers acting in a similar bully fashion that they face everyday.

This also may go past the online gaming of online activity, to various forums, and social media sites where people can be anonymous, and they can say something bold, idiotic, or radical that they would be too scared to say in real life and back up, such as political views, or takes on current events.
"runescape player": w00t i just got 90 attack!

"pixel baller" (in runescape): Yo stfu son, ill own you in the wildy with my D Claws!!! youmadbro?

"bully": gimme your lunch money!
"pixel baller" (in real life): okay !!! please don't hurt me!!!!

"sexyhunkguy (on twitter, using picture from google search)" hey girl, you got mirrors in your pants because I can see myself in them!

"girl looking at her mentions on twitter" *looks at iphone irritated* what a fake, he may not have any real balls, but his pixel balls are huge!

"John" (in real life, with a Pizza stained tshirt, obese and with a beard with a blob of mustard left on it): wow that girl is sexy, I should look her up on twitter where she can see me as "sexyhunkguy" and she will be all over me!


"red1405332" (on political forum): all democrats are fascist and socialists who want to drive America into the ground!!!


"reader" wow, I can see red1405332 has pixel balls, but does (s)he have the guts to say that where (s)he can be identified and held to that opinion, and forced to defend it.
by someguyonline October 07, 2011
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