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A half man half child trapped in the mind of an infant who was raised by a band of Epic Noobzors (Refer to Uber Noobzor for details). While in captivity, the "piwwip" had easily obtained the speech impediment of the Epic Noobzors. The original parents of the Piwwip had been a product of imbreeding of the Uber Noobzors and Epic noobzors. From his birth name "Phillip" to current dating he has lost all tether to reality and his impediment is to this day unmatched by any retarded fuck out there. To this day the "piwwip" is an endangered species. And only one is held in captivy. Currently you can find this specemin in the halls of Nashville State Community College.
Ex. Guy 1 "Hey that kid is pushing on the door that says "PULL" and getting really pissed....who is that retard???"

Guy 2 "Man thats PIWWIP, the most retarded retard ever. He tried to grab a cops gun once because his mommy said he can do anything, even be president one day"
by Pwnan The Barbarian March 27, 2009
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