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The act of inserting one's penis into a receiving partner's mouth and cleansing their auditory pipes by releasing a smooth, hygienic stream of urine. In order to avoid the erection which would make urinating impossible, it is best for the pipe cleaner to think of Pittsburgh native and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum at the start of and throughout the session, as Santorum is incapable of engendering any sexual energy whatsoever.
"My boyfriend had a sore throat so i gave him a Pittsburgh Pipe Cleaner."
by Nickdaisy May 22, 2010
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when you fuck your partner in the ass so hard and deep that they have to where a butt plug because other wise the partner will leak anal fluid all over her pants.
Billy and his twin brother Jimmy were very curious one night and got it on, however, since it was Billy's first time, he accidentally gave Jimmy a Pittsburgh Pipecleaner.
by Wizkid22 September 23, 2007
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