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A female of indeterminate age who expresses a determined and voluble preference for Pit Bull type dogs, rather than her fellow humans. A Pit hag is usually either a young woman without children, or an older woman whose children have left home. Denied appropriate objects of maternal affections, these women focus on a type of dog that appears to need 'protecting' from media attention when they maul or kill someone (which they do rather often).

The Pit Hag is subject to instant unstoppable outrage and unwise protectionism, often to be found in news commenting sections, abusing the victim of the dog attack, blaming the owner of the dog, or various sundry and unlikely 'catalysts' such as the weather or the sound of a lawn-mower.

The Pit Hag is a creature of modernity, given her platform thanks to social media. In the case of older Pit Hags, we very often see 'adoption' of unwanted Pit Bulls from rescue societies, sometimes several of them - this fulfills the Pit Hag's need to nurture and protect, although very often she is the unhappy recipient of violent attacks from her unruly 'children'. The more youthful version of the Pit hag is usually a teenager or a woman in her 20's with delayed maturity issues, who groups together with other like-minded individuals in the name of 'animal rights'. This unfortunately translates in the mind of a Pit Hag as an animal's 'right' to maul or kill someone, conferring no rights to their victims.
Did you see the Pit Hag blaming the victim of that pit bull mauling on a mauling thread?
by MixMaster Bogart September 06, 2016
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