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A person who performs in the front ensemble, or pit for short. They have a wide variety of musical skills over several interesting instruments, and substitute their lack of marching on the field with more difficult music. Often brag about knowing how to play 50 different instruments while actually only knowing how to play, like, 6 (triangles don't count as instruments and you can't change my mind). Unlike drumline, they are the percussionist that can read music decently. If they are a good mallet player, they may even learn how to hold with 4 mallets.

In case you were wondering, this was written by a pit/brass player so I have valid arguments for both sides.
Person 1: Those pit performers barely march at all, I wonder why they're in the band.
Person 2: Yeah, but did you see them play? They're so good at what they do, I think it makes up for it.
by Bongo Boye November 28, 2018
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