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A derogatory term for someone who must have everyone agree with their opinion at all times. Or otherwise has to constantly state their opinions on issues in inappropriate contexts.

The breakdown is:
"Piss" refers to their opinion. It is piss-like because it is unwelcome. They are making you metaphorically 'drink their piss' by not leaving you alone.

'Fascist' refers to their mandatory grip on your perceptions. They must subject you to their piss, no matter what you would prefer. It is the piss fascist's nature.
<soapboxes for 20 minutes about fluoride toxicity>
"Don't be a Piss Fascist, we're just trying to hang out."

Or for those who "take it back":
"I'm a Piss Fascist and proud. If you're hanging out with me, you have to get on my level. I'll swim in your opinion piss if you swim in mine."
by SRSLY WRONG February 03, 2015
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