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a cross between a Pirate and a Manatee. Has only TWO ARMS! NOT THREE, SAM!

Occured when Captain Jack Sparrow tried to sail home after a night of drunken revelry; after taking a wrong turn at the Island of Bardados, he ran aground on a sandbar off the Floridian Keys. He was thrown overboard by the force of the impact, and soon enough, he spied a female manatee. Mistaking her for a mer-maid of some sort, he...well...I think you get the idea.

From that beautiful union, the first Pirtate was born.

However, It would not be the last. The goode captain married the manatee, whom was named Debra, and they sailed the ocean blue, plundering all the seaweed in the Sargasso Sea!
I was scuba diving in Florida, and I witnessed a Pirtate giving birth!
by Booger November 16, 2004
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