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Closely related to the ninja pandemic, pirosis explains the fascination with pirates.

Like the cane toad being introduced to counteract the problem of the cane beetle in Australia, pirosis came about because of ninjorgies. This meant that the fascinations of each began to run parallel.

Who introduced pirates to the internet is uncertain, though those who did it were thought to severely regret what they unleashed on unwitting victims.
Pirosis had little impact on the ninjafest. The two cultures ended up embracing each other.

1: "Dude, did you read Maddox's new article?!"
2: "Yeah!"
1: "Let's write him an email to show our admiration... it has to be witty."
2: "How about... 'Arghhhh! We're pirates'"
1: "Genius. Nobody would ever have thought of that!"
by Redlineonhill February 25, 2008
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